Nozzle Check Valves

Nozzle Check Valves


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Nozzle Check Valve Advantages

Energy Saving

Typically, systems are operated at low flow rates to minimise pressure losses and maximise plant efficiencies. To help operators achieve this, Noreva nozzle check valves can be fully open at a flow velocity of 1.5m/s, ensuring minimal pressure drop across the valve.


The high economic efficiency of our nozzle check valves is a result of very low pressure losses and the maintenance-free design. Due to short strokes and low moving masses supported by helical springs the valves close slam-free within fractions of seconds.

Maintenance Free

The Noreva Nozzle Check Valve designs use no soft parts. Also as there are no wearing parts, it is maintenance free. The springs are sized according to the flow rates to ensure that the valves are in the fully open position during normal use. This minimises cycling of the spring, giving the valves a long design life without regular maintenance.

Horizontal or Vertical

Lightweight discs and spring assisted closure combine to allow the Noreva Nozzle Check Valve to maintain the same high performance regardless of vertical or horizontal installation.