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The company Noreva GmbH (Non Return Valves) was founded in August 2001 and started with 9 employees who were formerly working for Mannesmann Demag, the inventor of the nozzle check valve 1935.

Noreva has continuously grown and currently has a staff of 55. All of these employees have many years experience with non-slam check valves. With our track record of supply, Noreva has developed an enviable reputation for quality and reliability of product at internationally competitive prices.

Since 2007 Noreva has been part of Goodwin PLC Group.

Noreva is located in the industrial area of Mönchengladbach in Germany. Few valves are sold from stock, the majority of our production is tailor-made to customer specification.

All Noreva non-slam check valves are characterized by non-slam closure, low pressure loss, metal-to-metal sealing and are considered maintenance free.

You will find Noreva check valves all over the world (Average export rate 75%),  whether liquid or gaseous fluids, in different applications such as oil pipelines,  chemical plants, compressor stations, power plants, water pumping stations,  desalination plants, etc.

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