Customer Satisfaction Survey

1.)    Have you used Noreva
for your check valve requirements in the past 6 month ?

Yes No

(optional Reference)

2.)    Enquiry / Quotation Stage

How well did our Sales Department meet your needs?

2a)   Communication

2b)   Understanding your needs / requirements

2c)   Timely receipt of quotation / responses

2d)   Helpfulness of sales personnel

3.)    Order Stage

How well did Noreva meet your needs?

3a)    Communication

3b)   Documentation Submission

3c)    Status Reporting

3d)    Inspection Coordination

3e)    Despatch Coordination

3f)    How well was our delivery-date reliability?

4.)    Was the level of service as expected?

Yes No

5.)   Did our Company meet your required Quality Standard?

Yes No

6.)   How well did our Company support your requirements?

7.)   How did you consider Noreva's overall performance?

8.)   May we contact you about any of your responses?

Yes No